As someone with an 18-year-old loved one that is heavily involved in social media culture and live streaming holding a massive following of people tuned into their life, communicating with strangers on a daily basis, the trailer for NERVE concerns me about A, the status of our youth. B, the status of films being made and C, the status of my loved one. I can positively say that in being close with this person, they are using social media to positively impact people's lives. Beyond the natural 18-year-old rebellions, they are a great person, optimistic and close with their family. Their personality and honesty is why people tune in. They’ve found a way to maintain. My concern is that for some, this is how it starts…

Take the protagonist in NERVE as an example. An innocent girl is sucked into a perilous mentality by a cultural phenomenon in a film that glamorizes the most disgusting images that represent youth culture today - dangling off of buildings, violence, peer pressure, straight havoc. To combat the BS seen in NERVE, we need to stay close to our youth and not let them get sucked in by negative influencers.

I once produced a "safety video" for a social media company and thought the concerns that parents were voicing were just out of touch; but with where things are at, having this person in my life, who is so immersed in that world, I can understand their concerns now. There’s a lot of influence right now, good and bad, and its important that we stay close with our families and not let the BS infiltrate. And for movies like NERVE, perpetuating these gross themes, I hate to see it; but at the same time, it is a wake-up call.

I come from a family where people have noble professions for the most part. I’m not saying people are not noble for having certain professions. I’m just saying that certain professions and industries breed a convoluted mindset that can infiltrate even the most protected. Maybe it's just me, though, because there are good and bad people everywhere, and what affects you as either good or bad in your profession one should be able to view from an objective stance. The best I can really do in my position currently is when I’m creating “art” (I can’t believe I’m using that word), create art that sends the right message and doesn’t glamorize sin and is responsible for the images it portrays.

I just want to work with positive influencers and positive minds who want to make a positive impact.

A lot of this came out when I saw the trailer for NERVE. Seeing the images and glamorization of BS, hurt to watch knowing that my loved ones that are younger are watching this as are their peers. I know mine won’t take it to heart and know it's just a movie; but, naturally, others will be influenced by it and start to copy that mentality which will in turn affect mine. Education is important. Being proactive is important. Spreading the right message is important.

And it's important for you to know that this post isn’t about denouncing my friends or my network. We have such a unique opportunity to create a positive impact. Lets be responsible for what we put out and not point people in the wrong direction. I can still appreciate craftsmanship when I see it. I just want it to be applied to a worthy cause. But then there’s money… so I don’t judge anyone for doing anything because people have to survive.

I have a lot to work on so consider this my cover letter.

- V

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